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Tulley Road Foods provides innovative & responsibly sourced on-the-go foods for your discerning customers.

our story

Our story begins on this small, Vermont country road flanked by apple orchards, grazing beef cattle and woods teaming with wild edibles. Our chefs return there every season to find inspiration and the purest and most wholesome foods to incorporate into the Tulley Road menus.

pure & wholesome
our mission

We believe that no matter who you are or where you find yourself at mealtime that wholesome, carefully sourced and delicious food should be easy to come by. That's why Tulley Road foods was launched by two Brooklyn-based chefs who are dedicated to the craft of cooking and the art of great sourcing.

katy sparks

Katy Sparks is an award-winning chef and cookbook author whose background of cooking in some of America's top restaurants has evolved into a passion for creating delicious, healthy and sustainable meals for enjoying at home or on the go.

mike ciardi

Mike Ciardi is a chef, drummer and fitness enthusiast.  He finds inspiration and influences from learning about various cultures.  He is dedicated to creating a supportive, fun and growth-promoting environment for cooks and aspiring chefs.

tim prinz

Tim Prinz, PhD, is a healthcare policy expert, avid gardener and chief taster who lends his strategic and organizational skills to Tulley Road Foods.

local & sustainable
our food

We believe that unadulterated foods that are grown with care in healthy, sustainable environments lead to great taste, enjoyment and overall well-being.

We carefully craft...
Soups, Stews and Chowders
Main Course Salads
Deli Salads & Side Dishes
Simply Prepared Proteins
Spreads and Dips
Baked Goods
...and more.
top-tier support

We know the challenges of training staff on new products. That's why we put together a customized training program for all of our retail partners.  So we can support you in doing the best of what you do - engage with your customers.

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